• Goldstar-20th anniversary celebration

    Goldstar Group 20th Anniversary Celebration

  • The new progress of the US CC project and the highly praised by the owners

    The latest progress of the US project feedback, Goldstar aluminum plate has been unanimously praised by all parties, our company will move forward to provide customers with better products and better service.

  • Fake Statement

    Fake Statement

  • The difference between aluminum veneer and aluminum-plastic panel

    Among the building curtain wall materials, the curtain wall aluminum veneer and aluminum composite panel are used at a high frequency. They are often seen in many modern buildings. However, many customers who use the curtain wall aluminum veneer for the first time do not understand the aluminum veneer of the curtain wall, and mistakenly believe that the aluminum composite panel is also a kind of aluminum veneer. But in fact, there are obvious differences between the two:

  • The role of aluminum alloy aluminum window

    With the continuous development of the aluminum window flower industry, more and more aluminum window manufacturers have realized industrial production. On the basis of the original manual production, they have further improved, which not only improves the work efficiency but also makes the products more standardized. Unified production has greatly increased the output of the products.

  • Guangdong aluminum veneer manufacturers - China's aluminum veneer township


  • Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of curtain wall aluminum veneer and aluminum composite panel

    Aluminum veneer An aluminum alloy decoration product that we can see at any time in our life. On the way to work, in the place where we go to work, in the place where we relax after work, we basically see the trace of aluminum veneer in the shopping place. Why is the application range of aluminum veneers so extensive?