As a new product marketed in the 21st century, GOLDSTAR® PVDF nano-ACP inherits all superior performances of traditional PVDF ACP. Moreover, application of nanotechnology makes its multiple performances (such as stain resistance, self-cleaning performance and pH resistance) obviously better than traditional PVDF ACP.

Product specification
Thickness (mm): 1mm-6mm
Aluminum thickness (mm): 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.45mm,0.5mm
Width (mm): 1,220mm~1,600mm
Length: free
Weight: 5.6KG (4mm in thickness)
Standard dimension: 1,220×2,440mm (or subject to customer demand)
Color: the 26 standard colors on color card (or subject to customer demand)
Core layer: fire-proofing PE
Coating: nano-PVDF coating

PVDF nano-ACP Ordinary ACP

※ Smoothness and fineness: coating of bionic lotus leaf structure on surface is 0.03~0.001mm in particle size and of smoothness and fineness, looking like a layer of oil.

※ Stain resistance: since dust particle in air (>0.1mm) has less contact with nano-level bulge, the product is hard for dust attachment and easy for cleaning.

※ Self-cleaning performance: under effect of a little external force, droplet on coating very tends to take dust particle away by means of rolling.

Super peel strength
New technology improves peel strength, the most important technical index of ACP, to an optimal state, meanwhile correspondingly improves flatness and weather resistance.
Super weather resistance
PVDF coating involving Hylar5000 or Kynar500 as base material is of unique advantage in resistance to corrosion, pollution and weather. This ensures good appearance under any climate.
Light weight, easy machining
The product is 5.6kg/m2. The light weight can relieve damage of earthquake and facilitates handling. Depending on good constructability of the product, cutting, shearing, edge shaving, arc bending and straightening can be accomplished with simple woodwork tools. Based on this, various changes can be implemented according to designer’s ideas. Simple and rapid installation lowers construction cost.
Even coating, color diversity
Application of conversion coating and filming technology brings attachment between coating and metal to an optimal state, uniforms shading and diversifies color. This provides larger space for user’s selection and can manifest personality.

Easy maintenance
Given its good self-cleaning performance, cleaning of the product only needs neutral cleaning agent. After cleaned, the board looks new in long time.

Shock resistance
Depending on strong shock resistance, high flexibility and invulnerability of finish to bending, the product is free of damage by sand wind even in region with high sand wind.


Service scope:
PVDF nano-ACP is widely used in exterior curtain wall decoration of high-rise building (exhibition hall, shopping center, office building, bank, saloon bar, hotel, apartment, etc.).