Fireproof ACP

GOLDSTAR® ACP is comprised of aluminum sheets on upper and lower layer, inorganic composite fire retardant agent and nano fire core material. The components are combined by means of polymeric membrane continuous hot pressing. The product is decorated by double-face special baking finish and treated at the back for anticorrosion, widely used in building curtain wall highly required for fire resistance. Formally marketed in 1999, the product, the third-generation curtain wall and indoor decorative ACP, is initiative in China, replacing imported product. Besides all advantages of common ACP, it has super fireproof performance, and each of its performances exceeds overseas like product. Reaching fire protection standard of GB8624B1, it releases less smoke and no toxic gas, free of halogen. Depending on firm core layer, the product is easy for machining and installation.

Material Product specification
Base material: rustproof high-strength alloy aluminum sheet
PE core material: fireproof non-toxic low-density PE
Fire retardant agent: inorganic composite fire retardant agent
Surface coating: PVDF coating/polyester coating
Thickness (mm): 3mm-6mm
Aluminum thickness (mm): 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.45mm,0.5mm
Width (mm): 1,220mm~1,500mm
Length: free
Weight: 7.1KG (4mm in thickness) 
Standard dimension: 1,220×2,440mm (or subject to customer demand) 





Product characteristics:
Outstanding fireproof performance
Using high-performance low-smoke halogen-free fire-retardant core material, the product (e.g. 4mm thick) can bear brunt by 1200~1500℃ flame for 20~30min (Ordinary board can bear for less than 2min.). Passing certification by NFTC, measured in accordance with Classification for Burning Behavior of Building Materials and Products (GB8624-2006), burning behavior of the product meets requirements for class B (N0:200710975).
Light weight, easy machining
Made of high-strength, low-density and high-flexibility material, core layer can relieve damage of earthquake and facilitates handling. Depending on good constructability of the product, cutting, shearing, edge shaving, arc bending and straightening can be accomplished with simple woodwork tools. Based on this, various changes can be implemented according to designer’s ideas. Simple and rapid installation lowers construction cost.
Super weather resistance
PVDF coating involving Hylar5000 or Kynar500 as base material is of unique advantage in resistance to corrosion, pollution and weather. This ensures good appearance under any climate.
Super peel strength
Using high-performance fire-retardant core material, the product presents peel strength, the key technical index, higher than non-fire-retardant board by more than 10%. After 20 rounds between -40℃ and 80℃, its peel strength is of no change.
Even coating, color diversity
Application of conversion coating and filming technology brings attachment between coating and metal to an optimal state, uniforms shading and diversifies color. This provides larger space for user’s selection and can manifest personality.

Shock resistance
Depending on strong shock resistance, high flexibility and invulnerability of finish to bending, the product is free of damage by sand wind even in region with high sand wind.

Easy maintenance
Given its good self-cleaning performance, cleaning of the product only needs neutral cleaning agent even in region with severe pollution. After cleaned, the board looks new in long time.


Service scope:
Fireproof ACP is an ideal decorative material for interior/exterior curtain wall (exhibition hall, large reception room, shop, office building, bank, hotel, apartment, etc.). For interior wall decoration, it can be used in ceiling, bathroom, kitchen, balcony, shop gate, billboard, bulletin board, tunnel and subway. Furthermore, it can serve telephone booth, yacht and some industrial applications.


Flammability test parameters:



Inspection method

Technical index

Inspection result



Minimum post-combustion length, mm


> 0




Mean post-combustion length, mm


≥ 150




Mean smoke temperature,℃


≤ 200




Fire height, mm


< 150




Grade of smoke density


≤ 75




Flammability test parameters:
Country Referanced standard Class
Russia  NPB244-97  Class G1,G2
China  GB 8624, GB 8625, GB 8626, GB 8627  GB 8624 Grade B1, National Grade B
Germany  DIN 4102  Class B1
Denmark  NT Fire 002  Hardly inflammable
Italy  CSE RF 2/75/A, RF 3/77  Class 1
Australia  AS 1530 Part 3  Smoke developed: Index 0
U.K  BS 476 Part 6 & Part 7  Part 6 Index 0; Part 7 Class 1
Netherlands  NEN 3883  Class 1,Grade A2
Austria  ONORM B 3800  Class B1
U.S.A  ASTM E - 84, modified  Smoke density: Index 0
   ASTM E - 108, modified  Passed