PVDF-coated curtain wall aluminum veneer


GOLDSTAR® PVDF-coated curtain wall aluminum veneer involves alloy panel as base material, which is coated with primer and color finish paint after pretreatment and sprayed with PVDF on surface layer.

The product is fabricated by three-coating one-baking of PVDF paint. Curing quality is key for the product. Curing oven of airbridge-based design is adopted, which provides temperature of fluctuation within ±2℃. The temperature evenness brings performance of PVDF paint film up to optimal state.

The company successively introduced LFK numerical control sheet metal equipment, German MILLER argon arc welding machine and Japanese RANSBAG full-automatic coating equipment, all advanced in the world. Adopting high-quality alloy aluminum sheet, German HENKEL pretreatment agent, AKZO-NOBEL, PPG and Valspar PVDF coating, the company strictly observes requirements in ISO9001-2000 quality assurance system to bring product quality up to the internal control standard of GOLDSTAR “GSD3-8.3-0.3” and AAM2605-98 (a standard of USA).


Material Product specification
Base material: rustproof high-strength alloy aluminum sheet Ordinary thicknesses: 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm
Surface coating: multi-layer PVDF coating involving international known paints e.g. PPG (USA), AKZO-NOBEL, Valspa as base materials Subject to user demand
Length: ≤6.5m
Width: ≤1.8m
Reinforcement, hanger Color: subject to user demand





Product characteristics:
Free shape, aesthetics of personality
Different geometric figures can be made by bending, punching and arc rolling subject to user demand, presenting designer’s idea in full.
Strong weather resistance, good self-cleaning performance
The PVDF base materials Kynal500 and Hylar5000 (content: 70%) can effectively resist acid rain, air pollution and ultraviolet ray. Special molecular structure can prevent dust from attachment to surface thus provide good self-cleaning performance.
Good fire prevention in accordance with fire fighting requirements
Acting as ornaments of the product, high-strength aluminum alloy, PVDF paint and stone panel are non-flammable thus fire acceptance can be passed in full.
Even coating,diverse colors
Application of conversion coating and filming technology brings attachment between coating and metal to an optimal state, uniforms shading and diversifies color. This provides larger space for user’s selection and can manifest personality.
Convenience for installation and construction
Aluminum veneer is easy for handling and of good constructability so that it can be installed and processed with simple tools. Based on this, various changes can be implemented according to designer’s ideas. Simple and rapid installation lowers construction cost.