Processing instruction

Shearing, sawing, milling, punching, pressing, bending and other shaping works of ACP can be accomplished with no more than tools for woodwork and metalwork. Based this, various shapes, especially arc, anti-arc, minor-radius fillet and internal/external corner, can be obtained according to requirements of building decoration design. This is incomparable for other decoration materials.


ACP can be simply processed with mechanical saw and plates for ordinary woodwork. We recommend carbide blade, which can avoids rough edge.
Shearing and grooving
A U-type groove kept 0.2~0.4mm from PE base is very important. Recommended groove angle: 110°
1.Milling machine and shearer  Modified drill, shown in the right figure
Teeth: 2~4
Turns: 20,000-30,000rpm
Feed speed: 3-5m/min
Material: carbide blade
2. For processing abundant U-type grooves, round saws and band saws shall be used.
Legend and parameters of a groove cutter are shown in the right figure:
Material: carbide blade
External diameter: 305mm
Teeth: 24
Turns: 3,000-5,000rpm
Feed speed: 5m/min
Edge folding
For edge folding, grooved plate must be placed on platform.  Platen, roller, puncher, folder and die shall be clean. Recommended ambient temperature for edge folding: 10℃
Bending with folder
For processing of GOLDSTAR ACP with bending press, proper radius shall be selected in reference to tool shape, for bending to arc. To avoid damage to surface of ACP, during plate bending, protector shall be cushioned on die.
Bending with three-roll bending machine
Compared to folder, three-roll bending machine is applicable for large inner diameter bending. When multiple arc bends are needed, required arc shall be reached gradually. Before large-batch processing, a sample shall be fabricated. Minimum arc bending radius differs with aluminum selected for ACP.
Connection via rivet and bolt
Aluminum self-plugging rivet, as well as stainless steel screw and bolt, can be used for fixing. Given plate shape, size and scope of long-time looseness, diameter of rivet cover shall be no less than two times of diameter of rivet body.