Cleaning principle

I. Cleaning principle and steps
Surface coating of GOLDSTAR ACP needs periodic professional cleaning and maintenance. Such cleaning is to keep building appearance clean and aesthetic meanwhile remove aggressive dirt on coating to ensure long-time quality of coating.
Cleaning cycle is subject to environmental conditions and actual contamination level of plate. Recommended cleaning cycle: once a year at least.
Exterior wall shall be cleaned from top to bottom manually or with proper cleaning equipment. Please don’t employ any corrosive article for cleaning.

Cleaning steps:
1.Flush surface with clean water;
2.Clean plate surface with soft cloth soaked with diluted detergent;
3.Flush plate with clean water to remove dirt;
4.Inspect plate to find out uncleaned position for further cleaning;
5.Flush plate with clean water until detergent is removed in full.
Note: it is prohibited to clean hot plate (>40℃) since rapid water volatilization is bad for baking paint on plate.

II. Principle for detergent selection
Selecting proper detergent needs special attention, subject to a basic principle that only neutral detergent can be selected. Please don’t use strongly alkaline detergent (NaOH, KOH, Na2CO3), strongly acidic detergent, corrosive detergent or detergent possibly dissolving baking paint. Hard brush, wire brush or sharp-edged brush shall not be employed as cleaning tool to prevent surface coating from being scratched.
Before large-area cleaning, a small piece of plate shall be selected for test to verify safety before formal cleaning.