Process equipment and flow

As the first large enterprise engaged in production and development of ACP and curtain wall aluminum veneer, GOLDSTAR owns 90000m2 workshops, over 600 employees and fixed assets of RMB 0.3 billion. The company successively introduced Tekna numerical control processing center (from Italy), LFK numerical control metal plate and RANSBAG full-automatic coating line (from Japan), 4 full-automatic hot-pressing composite lines and 2 prepainted coil lines. On the basis, a comprehensive base of building materials and decoration materials has been formed.

Curtain wall aluminum veneer production process:



Process flow of ACP production:

High-quality product also depends on advanced production equipment. The company introduced internationally leading conversion coating line, coating line and composition line from Italy and German, and computer control system for fine production control.

Conversion coating line

Conversion coating line functions to clean the layer of lubricating oil attached on aluminum coil during rolling, shield oils, greases and dirt and remove deposition of impurities (e.g. Si, Mg, Cu) on aluminum. High-quality chemical material and technology from Henkel (Germany) are adopted for conversion coating, to form a honeycomb scale of compact structure on aluminum coil. Depending on the mediator, paint is tightly combined with aluminum coil thus good attachment is provided.

Coating line

Internationally leading precise coating line is adopted for coating aluminum coil with paint as customer demand after conversion coating. In the line, a precise three-roll reverse roll coater functions for precise coating under closed and dust-free conditions to control film thickness and appearance quality in good state. Oven functions in four zones for temperature control, to bring solvent resistance, hardness and flexibility of coating up to optimal status. Upon these, good gloss, attachment and anticorrosion are provided.

Continuous heat sticking composite line

Continuous heat sticking composite line is key for shaping ACP. It functions to firmly bond aluminum, PE core material and polymeric membrane under continuous high heat and high pressure thus forms flat surface. The company imports polymeric membrane from South Korea. Depending on advanced equipment, perfect technology and strict control, a super peel strength higher than international index is obtained.